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Krunal Bhatt

The Center of Robotics and Automation (CRA) has been pivotal in my
personal and professional development. As the Electronics Head of Team Nirma
AUV, I have had the chance to develop my skill-set and enhance my knowledge in
the robotics domain which made it easier to understand the basics of robotics.
Through the faculties guidance and CRA’s unwavering support, I secured internships
at Andromeida Maritime Solutions and the esteemed Indian Institute of Science,
greatly enhancing my practical experience. Now, as I embark on my journey to
pursue a Master’s degree in Robotics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), I am
immensely grateful for the strong foundation CRA has provided. CRA’s impact on my
journey cannot be overstated. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to
providing a conducive atmosphere for growth have played a vital role in shaping my
career trajectory. CRA offers the perfect platform to nurture your ambitions and thrive
in this dynamic field.


— Krunal Bhatt