• Arduino Kit Micro Controller: Arduino Uno Seven Segment led Four digit Seven Segment display 8 x 8 Led dot
  • Features: This Robot consist of  the Ardunio based control and  4 Omni directional wheel  with 60 rpm gearbox motor.
  • Features: TrutleBot3 Waffle Pi is modular, compact and customizable  mobile robot. It is easy to assemble, maintain, replace, and
  • Features: The Universal Robots UR10e is a collaborative industrial arm with payload of 10 kg and with reach of
  • Features: A bipedal robot with dimension 574 mm x 311 mm x 275 mm and  features like 25 degree
  • Sensor Kit PS2 Game Joystick Module Infrared Sensor Receiving Module Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Infrared Sensor Module Laser
  • Features: The ScorBot ER-4U is a versatile and reliable system for industrial robotics training and education. The robot’s speed
  • The six-axis MITSUBISHI MELFA RV-4F-D industrial robot trainer kit is used for manufacturing with high speed and high precision
  • Make               : Bosch Rexroth Components: Hydraulic power pack, Single acting cylinder, double acting
  • Make              : Festo Components: Pneumatic cylinders, Compressor, solenoid valve, check valve, pressure regulator, FRL