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Aayush Gohil

My time at Nirma University and the experience with the Nirma Robocon Club under the Centre for Robotics and Automation led by Dr. Mihir Chauhan has been nothing short of transformative. The experience during the ABU Asia Pacific Robotic Competition proved to be a turning point for my interest in Embedded Systems, and the skills I acquired there have been a game-changer.

Presently, I am studying at New York University and interning at Electric Hydrogen in the US. I really can’t say enough about how much of what I learned at Robocon helps me out. Whether it’s working with microcontroller drivers, automation, integration, or the essential electronics stuff—all of it is coming to use. Had it not been for the hands-on experience at Robocon, I wouldn’t be handling things as smoothly, especially considering how tough everyone’s life has become because of the recession.

My previous internship at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, was also comparatively much easier because of the skills I gained at Robocon. Dr. Chauhan was strict about the work, but it was all for our good. His guidance made sure our futures were bright. I’m still connected with him and my seniors from Robocon, and their support is still super helpful.

One of the most significant shifts I made was moving from a software-focused field to Embedded Systems. This transition was made possible by my experience at Robocon, and it has helped me become one of the rare freshers with substantial hands-on experience with microcontrollers and electronics. This unique skill set has been a tremendous advantage in my current roles.

The club experience under the Centre for Robotics and Automation is quite different from just being an academic student at Nirma. This is something I would highly recommend to anyone. The experience, the skills, and the network you build there are all priceless and are definitely going to help in the long run.

I am especially grateful to Dr. Chauhan and all my mentors at Robocon. Their guidance has been a major asset throughout my professional journey, and I’m really proud to stay connected with them. If you’re at Nirma, do yourself a favor and join these excellent teams—you won’t regret it!


Aayush Gohil

– MS in Computer Engineering at NYU (New York)
– ⁠Intern at Electric Hydrogen (San Jose)