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Two days workshop on “Building the robotic arm” by Nirma Robotech Club

The Nirma Robotech Club organized a dynamic “Build Your Own Robotic Arm” workshop on August 26th-27th, 2023, at the Institute of Technology, Nirma University. This engaging event provided participants with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in constructing and programming 2DOF robotic arms using Arduino, fostering practical skills and promoting robotics education. The workshop spanned two days and included comprehensive coverage of robotics fundamentals, guided assembly of robotic arms, and culminated in a captivating task-based competition where participants demonstrated their robotic arms’ ability to draw various shapes. The event drew participation from 80 individuals representing diverse departments, successfully augmenting skills, promoting knowledge exchange, and igniting a fervor for robotics. Feedback underscored the interactive nature, kit quality, well management and mentor expertise as catalysts for cultivating enthusiasm for technology and innovation.