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Team Nirma AUV Shines at 2024 Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge

Team Nirma AUV took part in the 2024 Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge (SAUVC) held from April 5th to April 8th at Singapore Polytechnic. Despite tough competition with 86 registered teams, Team Nirma AUV excelled, securing a spot among the top 50 teams in the initial round and earning an invitation to compete in Singapore. Impressively, they completed the qualifying round in just 11 seconds, securing a place in the final round.

Although faced with unforeseen technical issues during the final round, preventing them from achieving a higher score, Team Nirma AUV’s qualifying score still ranks them among the top 10 teams. Their dedication, passion, hard work, and enthusiastic participation deserve commendation.

This experience has provided invaluable lessons for the team, and they are undoubtedly motivated to reach even greater heights in the coming year.